Future Horizons have premiered their latest single, ‘Neptune & Triton,’ over at Punktastic. The official release is set for 22nd August through Glasshouse Records on all major platforms.


The absurd level of skill from this band is flaunted in all its hardcore glory in this newest release. The atmosphere, tone, isolated vocals, the unpredictable turn around in pace all come together to form an upshot of absolute beauty. I didn’t quite know what to expect with a new release from these guys, but I knew it would be good. This track has definitely not disappointed.


It eases in with a gradual build up of fuzzy ethereality, leading to the first show of Future Horizons’ hallmark instrumental mastery. This is music at it’s peak for me and they subtly tease us into their world with this gorgeous proficiency. The pinnacle comes when they storm into an epic minute long conclusion of annihilation at 3:30, with an explosive burst of shattering noise.


Overall, this release has proved a great and experimental showcase from Future Horizons. There aren’t too many ways to say ‘this is incredible, listen to it,’ however, so I’ll let the music speak for itself….