I stumbled upon this exciting bit of news recently – Theo Verney has released a new album ‘One Small Piece.’ I’ve been looking for a decent folk release for a few weeks now, so this could not have come at a better time for me. Although I wouldn’t quite label this album folk, there are definitely strong hints underlain throughout, particularly in tracks ‘Cotton White’ and ‘Stranded,’ and many aspects of this record are reminiscent of the best the genre has to offer. There is a dominant presence of Nick Drake inspired minor chords, intricate finger-picking and minimalist murmured vocals, with lyricism to match the likes of Conor Oberst. 


This influence serves as more of an underpinning to the record, however, as many other genres are explored in One Small Piece, demonstrating just how versatile Theo Verney is capable of being. Heavy hints of soul, pop and country are bought together by strong undertones of grunge and the ability to merge these genres, not only throughout the compilation but in individual tracks, adds a unique spin. Each song contains different characteristics, that  prevents it from sounding mundane or repetitive. The expert execution of the different genres mean they retain a classic authenticity that keeps them quintessential and raw. We experience the root of all these styles, bringing us back to the eras from which they derived, with such musical dexterity it appears effortless. The album also shows off impressive guitar skills, with just enough sporadic tangled licks and complex solos to compliment, rather then overtake the record. 


Overall, an impressive collection from Theo Verney. He shows significant development since I first saw him Support Two Gallants a few years back, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for him.

 Listen to One Small Piece