Wren are a four piece Metal band from London, whose latest record ‘Auburn Rule’ has just been released through Holy Roar Records.


Wren had been on my music radar for some time, through recommendation, but I never actually got around to listening to them. Luckily that all changed when they were joined by drummer Seb Tull, whose various other projects I’d followed for a while. Finally, I indulged. I saw them live for the first time back in April this year, supporting Telepathy  at a Chaos Theory gig night (The Facemelter) and it’s been a love story ever since. The stirring guitars, epic drums and earth shattering screams gripped the audience right from the very start, and this captivation only intensified as the set went on. I couldn’t look away. This is something I rarely see and, as expected, I experienced something very special.


What struck me the most throughout ‘Auburn Rule’ is how fluently Wren have retained the authenticity of their live experience. I often find recorded material too contrived and inert, which subsequently makes it quite difficult to relate to, but Wren have really captured their unique energy; uninhibited rage and fury still seeps through, with just as impetuous a delivery as it did when they were only feet away. This is pure metal, and all elements are executed perfectly. Just like their live experience, this record is a journey of sporadic severity, that explodes to epic magnitudes of wrath. There lingers a sense of depravity, fueled by darkness, and it commands the atmosphere throughout.


Wren have fast become one of my favourite bands and this album is one of the best finds of the year for me. Great stuff.


Favourite track – The Herd


Listen to Auburn Rule