Blue Train Lines is the third single from Mount Kimbie’s forthcoming album ‘love What Survives’ which is set for release this September on Warp Records. The electronic duo have once again teamed up with King Krule to bring us their latest offering.

Initially hailed as leaders of the post-dubstep movement, Mount Kimbie showcases the versatility of their sound on ‘Blue Train Lines,’ and their ability to create freely without being restricted by the genres and labels that are thrust upon artists all too often. The power and rawness of King Krule’s vocals are mirrored by Mount Kimbie’s production, allowing for a beautiful, anarchic union of post-punk drum patterns and wailing electronic synth lines.

I’ve been a fan of Mount Kimbie since ‘Crooks & Lovers’ and if ‘Blue Train Lines’ is an indication of what the new album has to offer; I eagerly anticipate a fearless exploration of sound, that goes far beyond what the duo have produced thus far.