Having not explored electronic music as much as I’d liked to over the years, Olga Bell has been a very welcome addition to my life. There is something very organic and raw in her delivery that makes her music so refreshing to listen to. The effortless glamour in her voice is completely timeless, yet still uniquely captivating. She is one of my favourites and she’s just released a very spontaneous and unexpected EP – ‘America.’

Throughout the EP there lies a consistent atmosphere of perfectly constructed delicacy, that remains through harsher tempo changes and random bursts of denser instrumentation. These qualities add depth to the record, and are complimented by the tenderness of the softer stretches.  There is a poignancy to the whole thing, that can’t stem from anywhere but the raw emotion that inspires music. Layer upon layer of harmonious vocals mesmerize the listener, and the subtlety just lets you float through the album, spellbound and totally lost in the polyphonic soundscape.

In ‘America’ Olga Bell has produced a magnetic concoction of enchantment. It is a beautiful collection, that embodies all the allure she is capable of creating.

Listen to America EP