My recent posts have become more ‘homage to my hiatus’ than new music finds. I find myself unable to resist sharing things I’ve been most excited about over the past few weeks. Chelsea Wolfe is one of the best examples of this. So, as I’m sure every Chelsea Wolfe fan has already heard she has a new album coming out, this is more an expression of my anticipation and appreciation.

Just as I started to wonder what this lady was up to, out she comes with ’16 Psyche.’ It’s every bit as hypnotically haunting, atmospheric, weird and wonderful as her previous releases, but with an extra edge that makes this album tease all the more compelling. The queen of darkness never ceases to amaze me, and it seems her full force has been released through drone/metal. And it is beautiful. With such a reputation for creativity and experimentation it’s impossible to imagine what to expect from her new album, but, as is the effect of a true great, I can’t wait. Roll on 22nd September.