This was my third time seeing Earthmass and it definitely won’t be the last. Their energy was as intense as it’s ever been, and their live sets have developed into an even more gripping display of experiment, skill and musicianship – a class act. The only thing is it didn’t feel long enough. They leave you wanting more, which is why I always make time to see them when they’re playing locally. If I could recommend any band to see live it would be Earthmass. 

With a mellow open, playing just light, melodic guitars, soft drums and bass they eased the crowd into their world. But it didn’t take long for the music to come crashing over us with a slow, heavy release of powerful doom. Although mostly instrumental, lead singer Chris’ brutal vocals compliment the music and adds to its strength. The more experimental aspects gave the set the same excitement and variety it had before. This offered something new to a crowd of people, many of whom, like myself, clearly weren’t experiencing Earthmass live for the first time. How can you not come back after hearing such a display of epic music?

I would strongly recommend checking out Earthmass’ releases . They are a totally independent band and a lovely bunch of chaps who you should definitely add to your playlist.