Johnny Flynn is one of those artists whose work can totally embody the heart of folk in its purest form, putting him up there with the likes of Woodie Guthrie, Karen Dalton, Mississippi john hurt and many others. The raw genuity of their work creates a voice for every generation. There is still, however, also something so contemporary about his delivery. It is this scarce ability that explains the type of audience he attracts; every time I’ve seen him, the crowd ranges from about 18-80, proving that music this relatable will always remain timeless.

Speaking of times gone by, the opener, Waking the Dead, seems to bring back to life an era where folk and blues really meant something. It’s straight from the heart. There is still that hint of modernism and this is an element that develops throughout the record.

 What really stands out for me is the songwriting ability. His writing has developed a rawer edge, along with his sound. Again it’s so classic yet so distinguishable as the work of this artist. It cannot be replicated. He is one of those writers who make you feel like you’ve discovered something that was always there but you could never see it, and his words you always felt but never knew how to express. ‘So long broken parts of me, I will fix you up inside my dreams’ – so beautifull, sometimes heart wrenching and always relatable. 

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