Kelly Lee Owens has mastered the art of minimalism in her new self-titled album, released via Smalltown Supersound. In this ten track compilation she effortlessly demonstrates how less can be so much more, and offers a unique take on electronic music.

Throughout we see Owens experiment with different inspirations. She combines accomplished conventional electronic with sounds from nature in tracks ‘Birds’ and ‘Arthur.’ Her reverberated harmonic sighs create an air of spirituality, an element that remains present throughout, but dominates mostly in these two numbers, as well as ‘Lucid’ and the closing, ‘8.’

The gentle nature of Owen’s delivery gives the album sentimental value. Emotion is expressed through the mixes, some of which are so light they sound as though have been plucked straight from the atmosphere. The soft bed of noise, compiled of synth, beats and effects, lays a perfect foundation for her delicate vocals. The repetition of the lyrics creates a hypnotic ambiance in most tracks.

Techno throw ins, found in tunes like Evolution and CBM, increase diversity in the collection. The ‘Anxi’ remix adds to this variety, with Jenni Hval’s allusive deadpan adding an alluring edge of sensuality.

All the elements above have come together to form a really beautiful piece of work by Kelly Lee Owens. The experimental risks have paid off and listeners can float through the album, following the intrigue produced by this unique and talented artist.

Kelly Lee Owens – Listen Here