This Berlin based band have been making waves over the past few years, and deservedly so. Lead singer Julie’s voice cut through the entire room like a knife when I saw HAWK play at the Victoria, Dalston, a few weeks ago. I could liken her to the Innocent Mission’s Karen Peris, The Bangles’ Susanna Hoffs  and even Lykke Li, but it seems quite redundant. This Irish Colleen rivals all the greats in her own right.

HAWK have an edge that keeps them from heading down the road  some post-rock bands could easily find themselves on, sounding samey and repetitive. Gritty, dark guitar mixed with the soaring Celtic vocals offer an unusual contrast, that distinguishes and set these guys apart from other bands. This EP stands to be their best release yet in my opinion. 

Favorite Track: Take it Away

Besides the sound, they show a genuine desire to use their music to promote important, controversial topics. They highlight the everyday inequality, exclusion, preconceptions and generalisations people experience  – and how artfully they do so. HAWK are a fine example of what beauty can result from negative circumstances through fervent attempts to bring about change.

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