I saw a post about these guys on the Echoes And Dust website, and had to pass this gem on. What a great find.

I don’t usually do track by track reviews, but it’s difficult not with this one. Every song on this LP is a journey In itself. They start off minimalist and over time, different layers are added to create a unique personality.

The opener, Oja, kicks off the LP with a darke edge. The very gradual incline of sound eventually leads us to the deep intensity it finishes with and sets an impressive tone for the rest of the LP.

The next song, Bress, takes a completely different route, starting heavy and upbeat, showing the level of variety these guys are capable of. Everything changes throughout this song and it’s hard to believe, only half way through, that I’m listening to the same song. Still epic, still beautiful, and the changes in direction work.

The next two tracks embody the same level of skill, development and intensity as the others. Milsai for me was particularly emotive and beautiful.

It ends with an Iresdepia, a very fitting track for the completion of this LP. It embodies all of it’s best elements; twists and turns when least expected – heavy to minimalist, epic to beautiful. A great track to end with.

I look forward to future releases and urge them to come to london soon!

Appalaches – Cycles