I love this band. Being a long time Jingo follower I’d been looking forward to the release of ‘Make Some Money, Buy Some Love’ for a while. I haven’t been disappointed. After seeing Jingo perform the album at their launch show at Birthdays, Dalston, I knew I was in for something special.

The energy and purity of their art is depicted beautifully in every track, and Katie’s rasping vocals evoke the passion behind every lyric. Bands as tight as these guys are always stunning to listen to, but Jingo manage to bring something different to their sound, owing a lot, in my opinion, to their unique intensity and total dedication to music. This record is a mix of high energy indie rock, soft poetic intellect, skillful musicianship and, like their other records, it highlights the stark versatility they are capable of whilst still retaining their ‘sound.’ The important, relevant messages throughout give substance to the work that completes the package for me. 

Favorite track: Sweet Anne 

The last track, and a favorite for me at the album launch show, is a Molly Drake poem (Nick Drake’s mother) that Jingo have turned into a song, called ‘The Shell.’ Katie owned the room, silencing everyone from the first acapella note and created an epic moment that allowed everyone to appreciate one great artist covering another. The recorded version captures this. 

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Album Art by Katie Buckett Art